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Characteristics of Tantalum

  • Tantalum has a very high melting temperature, which is only surpassed by the W and Rh and is therefore very heat resistant.
  • Tantalum is very corrosion resistant
  • Tantalum is biocompatible
  • Tantalum is ductile and therefore very editable,
  • Tantalum is weldable
  • excellent resistance in acids and in many liquid metals
Symbol Ta
Melting point 3.017 °C
Density 16,65g/cm³ (25°C)
Modulus of elasticity (E-modul) 186 GPa
Poisson Number 0,35

Use of Tantalum

  • Tantalum and its alloys are used in chemical process engineering as a construction material for pipes heat exchanger etc.,
  • Ta is used in electronics in the production of capacitors
  • Ta is used in medical technology as implants and instruments.
  • Ta is used in high-temperature systems as shielding, heating conductors.

Important Tantalum Alloys

Super Pure Ta 99,99% 4N Purity
Pure Ta 99,95% R05200 melting process
Pure Ta 99,95% R05410 Powder Metallurgical Process
Ta97,5W2.5 R05252 Melting process
Ta90W10 R05255 Melting process
Ta60Nb40 R05240 Melting process

Tantalum Products

Pure Tantalum 99,95% Medical application ASTM F560
Ta Bars Dia3,0-120mm ASTM B365
Ta Wire Dia 0,25-6mm ASTM B365
Ta Sheet + Foil 0,03mm-0,20mm ASTM B708
Ta Tubes seamless + welded AD2-100mm x WT0,2-10,0mm ASTM B521
Ta Ingots + Gussblöcke Dia 190mm ASTM B364
Ta Fasteners > M3 ASTM B365

Pipe profiles

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    Finned Tubes